Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles | NFL Week 5 | Tecmo Super Bowl LIII [2019]

It’s Sunday TECMO!

Join me as the Minnesota Vikings take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Tecmo Super Bowl LIII using the most up to date rosters and playbooks. Grab a beer, kick back, and let’s get our game on!

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  1. The Referee October 9, 2018 at 3:57 PM - Reply

    I want to thank everyone who has helped us get over 700 subs, you da REAL MVP’s!

    If you’re new, I’m playing every game of the 2018-19 NFL Season in Tecmo Super Bowl LIII w/ updated rosters. I’d love for y’all to join along for the ride. If you enjoy, please leave a comment, drop a like and possibly subscribe to see all the action as it unfolds. Sign you up!

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